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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month In-Person

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, a month where around the world people come together to raise awareness of childhood cancer and pay tribute to all those affected. 

Childhood Cancer Awareness Virtual Panel Please click herehttps://www.cancer.ie/cancer-information-and-support/childhood-cancer-awareness-month

About children’s cancer

Cancer is rare in children. Around 190 children and teenagers under the age of 16 are diagnosed each year in Ireland. Children's cancers are different to adult cancers. They often affect different parts of the body and behave differently. About 1 in every 3 cancers that affects children is leukaemia, which is a blood cancer. The most common tumours in children are brain and central nervous system tumours.

In most cases we don’t know why children get cancer. Unfortunately, there is nothing a parent can do to prevent childhood cancer, as the risk factors linked to childhood cancers are not things we can control. Read more about children’s cancers.

What are the symptoms of children’s cancer?
Although cancer is rare in children, if you’re worried about cancer or if your child has unusual changes in their body, it’s always best to talk to your doctor. Read more about symptoms of children’s cancer

How are children’s cancers diagnosed?
Tests that can diagnose cancer in children include blood tests, scans and biopsies (taking a sample of cells from the body). The type of tests depend on which cancer is suspected. Tests are usually done in CHI Crumlin, Dublin. If a brain tumour is suspected, you may go  CHI, Temple St Hospital in Dublin. Read more about tests and how children’s cancer is diagnosed.

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Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland was established by a group of parents, following a very successful Light it up Gold walk in Dublin in 2013 and we have continued to Light it up Gold every September since then. You can read more about the first Light it up Gold Walk here 

Read more about our Gold Ribbon Heroes and Gold Ribbon Angels

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