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OLOL Library study spaces (Our Lady Of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda) Capacity: 12


Your library now has a mixture of bookable and non-bookable spaces. If you have any feedback or suggestions about the study spaces, or anything else about the library, we would love to hear it!

Bookable spaces

There are 12 numbered, bookable study spaces. If you prefer to know you have a study space secured, please follow the instructions below to book a place.

Non-bookable spaces

There are now 4 study spaces, with power outlets, that are available on a “first come, first served” basis, with no need to book. They are marked with a “non-bookable space” sign.


When booking a space, the system will only allow to you book one slot at a time i.e. Click on what area you wish to book. 'Go to date' and select the date you wish to book Then scroll over to the time (in green) you wish to book and select time Then click 'Submit Times' Fill out the booking details - First Name, Surname, and email address Then click 'Submit my booking' Following this you will see 'Make another booking' - click this to book another hour. The system will allow you to book 4 hours in total per day. In relation to other bookable spaces in the library, please note the following: - Photocopying and Laminating Services are 'self-service' - The library does not provide headsets and users are required to bring their own headsets. No Food or Drink is permitted in the library.

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